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Tasty Bake was founded by the operators of Grizzly Bear Pizzarias, a chain of 44 units in 1979 as a commissary for the chain. The chain was acquired in 1982 and Tasty Bake, Inc. was born and incorporated. The combined pizza experience exceeds 100 years. Tasty Bake’s management practices the same lean manufacturing principles it places on its production staff. We are not layered with fat that prevents us from responding to our customer’s needs or concerns. The special flavor and texture of Tasty Bake products is due in part to the purity of mountain fresh water. Our plant is located in a valley between the Blue and Wallowa Mountains. The high mountain lake waters clean mineral structure combined with the Pacific Northwest’s finest whole grain flours results in a unique flavor and perfect cell structure for all our dough products. Tasty Bake’s personal blend of flours gives our crusts their smooth like texture and taste. Only the finest ingredients go into our dough products. We do not use any chemical additives or preservatives and in 30 years of business we never have. All dough products are trans-fat free, lower in sodium and made with our customers safety and security in mind. Tasty Bake’s unique plant design combines old world bakery techniques with a unique oven that features hot air jets for partially baking, even-textured and evenly baked results. We currently utilize three lines, one for dough balls, one for hot press and one for true hand stretched products. Compare ours to any competitors for evidence of old world craftsmanship.

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