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Tasty Bake dough balls and par bake crusts can be used for a variety of products beyond their original purpose. Tasty Bake products perform excellent in areas beyond pizza pie. Go crazy, experiment, hold an in house contest with your cooks and wait staff. The options are endless, steamed dumplings, soft pretzels, hot cross buns, sopapillas, grissini, pesto rolls, spanakopita and endless pizza recipes. Tasty Bake has been making the best hot press and hand stretched pizza products for over 30 years. Perhaps the oldest crust company in America. Our products have never been just for pizza even though that's a great place to start. The uses of our dough balls are endless and could have a web site dedicated to that alone.

Thaw dough balls, cut into two ounce portions, roll out a bread stick, sprinkle with your favorite cheese. Lightly press the cheese into the stick or squeeze it into a 2 oz. dough ball and throw in the deep fryer. Makes a great appetizer for the table or the bar.
Thaw and cut a 20 oz. or bigger dough ball in half, form into a slightly rounded shape, add olive oil, onions, oregano, rosemary, garlic parmesan cheese and bake. Serve with soups, salads or as a bread basket for the whole table. If you prefer a quicker option use the Tasty Bake Italia crust. Spread a little olive oil over the crust, warm and serve.
Use any 10 inch Tasty Bake crust, cover in cheese, hamburger, pepperoni, olives, onions and salsa. Great appetizer for your bar.
Tasty Bake dough balls can be cut into breadsticks of any size, seasoned any way and served with marinara or other dipping sauces. Our par baked crust, especially the Italia can be cut into wedges, slightly baked with olive oil and used for dips in your bar or at the table side.
Thaw and cut dough ball to desired size, fill with your favorite stuffing, lightly brush the outer shell with an egg wash and bake. You have your own signature bread.
Our dough balls make great cinnamon rolls or cinnamon sticks for desert breakfast or just with coffee. Thaw and cut to desired size, brush with a generous cinnamon/sugar/butter blend. Bake until golden brown and top with your favorite icing.
Try Tasty Bake's 8 inch Chicago par baked deep dish with a garlic herb flavor. Stuff with your favorite ingredients, pour in the eggs and bake or spread some pesto over the bottom, cover in sliced tomato, and cover with cheese, bake and serve. You will be more than pleasantly surprised.
Try our prepared calzone shell. It is the standard by which others will be measure. It can be used for a traditional calzone or cut into smaller pieces for stuffed pizza sticks, desert sticks or anything you can imagine.

Tasty Bake produces more formulas than any other pizza dough manufacturer.

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