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Tasty Bake dough balls are made using specialty ingredients in combination with the same pristine mountain waters and whole grain flours as our crusts. Plus, we promise no additives or preservatives (unless the customer absolutely insists). 30 years of experience by dedicated long-term employees guarantee the finest results. All our products are made in Baker City, Oregon, nestled in a pollution-free valley surrounded by the Blue and Wallowa mountain ranges.
WHY DOUGH BALLS VERSUS SCRATCH? Dough balls are proportioned, consistent, and require less prep time. That means dependable results, lower labor costs, lower cash flow commitments, and no capital investment in mixers and ingredients - true cost effectiveness without sacrificing scratch quality and appearance. Original Dough Balls - Made with the finest bread flours from the Pacific Northwest, and formulated/mixed with the high ideal of scratch pizza crust in mind. Form this product to any thickness by hand tossing, pressing or sheeting - whatever method you prefer - for equally exceptional results. The dough ball makes a delicious, versatile pizza crust. Or, use it for calzone, stuffed crusts, bread sticks or fried dough - imagination is the only limitation! Tasty Bake dough balls will be available in specialty formulas - including Italia, Sicilian, and Garlic & Herb. If you have a specific size requirement, count on our specialty custom bakery to meet your needs. For the best results use the following guidelines when using dough balls from Tasty Bake. We recommend you experiment, as room temperature and humidity in your facilities will vary and produce different proofing results.

Keep frozen at -0° F. or below until ready to use.
Two thawing options: (1) Overnight in a refrigerator on oiled pans or on a container of your choice. Allow thawed dough balls to sit at room temperature for 45 minutes (experiment) before stretching or shaping; or (2) at room temperature (68-72° F). Allow 4-5 hours as they proof.
Preparation: Dust each dough ball with flour before stretching, tossing or sheeting. Dock to minimize blistering. Top and bake at the same temperatures you would with scratch, or using the guidelines below:
Cooking Guidelines for Dough Balls*
*Thawed storage: Refrigerate and use within two days. Cover dough balls with a wet cloth to prevent drying and contamination from odors and other raw refrigerated ingredients.

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