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This crust is unsurpassed in the pizza crust industry. Made from a special blend of whole grain unbleached flours and hand stretched by pizza dough professionals with 30 years of experience. Italia homemade crusts are hand tossed in diameters of 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 inches, and 12 x 16 inch rectangles - great for traditional pan pizza. Can also be used as bread for an appetizer or with soup and salad.
As close to a true Italian Pizza crust as you'll find in America. Made from a blend of unbleached high protein flours, special ingredients, and superior oils, Sicilian crusts come in three thicknesses: Thin, medium, and thick. Hand tossed in diameters of 7 to 17 inches (size varies depends on the thickness). For a unique signature bread to serve with soups and salads, top thick Sicilian with oils, cheese, onions, and your favorite spices.
The hand stretched version of our uniquely spiced and flavored Hot Press Garlic & Herb crust. Hand tossed in diameters of 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches, or try this one as an appetizer or entree - spread pesto in the bottom of the crust, cover with sliced tomatoes, and top with your favorite cheese blend. However you prepare it, Chicago Deep Dish delivers incredible flavor, performance and customer praise.

Keep frozen until use at -0° F. or below.
Two thawing options: (1) Overnight in the refrigerator; or (2) in about 30 minutes at room temperature (68-72° F.)
Preparation: Cook from thawed using the guidelines below (can be cooked from frozen, but integrity will be lost). For a softer bottom decrease the heat. For a crisper bottom increase the heat.
Cooking Guidelines for Par Bake Crusts*
*Thawed storage: Refrigerate unused product in a plastic bag for no longer than five days. Can be safely stored in its original plastic bag and box.

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