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The experts say a company can’t survive without filling orders, without making a modest profit, without maintenance and upgrades of equipment, without sales and marketing and a long list of other important activities.
We at Tasty Bake put the safety and security of our customers at the top of that list. We voluntarily participate in AIB audits. We require our key staff members to be HACCP certified. We do inside and outside quarterly inspections to ensure all standards of AIB, USDA, OSHA and HACCP are being exceeded. We do not except meeting the standards and only by exceeding the standards is our staff rewarded with performance bonuses.
Providing food is a tradition that goes back to Mesopotamia and it’s what we do every day. Feed America. Without safe, secure nourishment, there is no energy for doctors to cure patients, no lawyers making it to court, no politicians tirelessly talking rhetoric and no rock stars banging on guitars. It just can’t happen without safe and secure food production.
We practice safety and sanitation daily at Tasty Bake and continue to raise the standards even when it’s not required by agency or law.
Feel free to visit the web sites for the institutions we base our safety and sanitation guidelines. Simply click on the links below:

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